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Quality control is a system designed to eliminate flaws in finished products with an end objective of achieving quality products that fulfill customer expectations.
Why quality Control is very important to customers?

The international and competitive market place today demands not just quality from products or services but also quality in delivery and customer support. Quality Control is therefore being increasingly adopted by companies to remain competitive. With liberalization policies and international competition, the product life-cycle in the global market becomes shorter and customer expectations continue growing. In such a scenario, traditional approaches to product testing or certification will not be adequate to improve the quality of products.Today, customers all over the world are aware of the importance of product quality. To maintain customer satisfaction and attract new customers, a company has to implement quality management in addition to streamlining the work of employees. Every company will have unique processes directed towards achieving strategic goals and QA control objectives. However, the really good companies are the ones who are skilled in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and in devising methods to maintain quality.
How does Quality Control management help Worton? 

Quality control management helps a company to:
 Boost the production processes
 Decrease any possibilities of lag in carrying out product deliveries from clients
 Set up a strong foundation to encourage the improvement of internal processes of the organization and enhance its ability in
      achieving strategic aims
 Evaluate the quality checking system based on established industrial or international standards

What is worton doing for Quality Control for his customers now?

 Sample Testing:
     we cooperate with the exterior testing institutions and universities institutions to set up collaborative labs
     we can provide the Microbiological Testing in our lab for control quality of food products
     Test the samples of the manufacturer according to customers’ requirements
 Traceable data:
     Make all orders copied to  prepare for future tests,  and make all   batches of delivered goods traceable
 Logistics guarantee:
     Audit and supervise the logistics environment to ensure storage conditions and transportation. Control strictly the transportation 
      trucks and containers sanitary to ensure the quality of food and feed products
     The goods with quality-issue will be tested and solved in our overseas distribution centers

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