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QA is crucial for the manufacturing industry. To assure good quality to customers, quality assurrance plays a significant role.

What are the resons for the implementation of food quality assurance programs?

 Customer expectations - Today the customers have become more demanding and knowledgeable. They are more concerned about
      the ingredients of the food products and hence maintaining optimum quality standards in food industry has become very necessary.
 Environmental concerns - Nowadays, people are more concerned about the environment. Environment protection laws have also
      become stringent. Hence, employing environmental friendly methods in the food industry has become necessary. QA plays a big
      role in all this.
 Organic Foods – There is more demand for organic foods because people have realized the ill effects of in-organic foods like
      damage to the environment and health. Hence quality monitoring and guarantee ensures that the chemicals are within the specified
      limits in any food product.
 Technology - With the development in technology, various methods for food processing and other food related activities have
      emerged. These methods provide safer and higher quality food to the customers. Today all organizations related to food have to
      ensure good quality systems to compete in the market.
 Regulatory requirements - Food being a critical element of life, the regulatory agencies have also put in place stringent
      requirements for its safety and quality. Here also food quality assurance
 Programs help the food industry to meet these requirements consistently and deliver food that is fit for consumption.

How does Worton implement Quality Assurance?

Inspects their production lines by our Lab team, packing conditions, warehouses and quality control centre, to guarantee the qualified in production and sanitary  conditions.
Validate the manufacturer’s qualification certificate and effectiveness.
Production control
Sourcing of raw ingredients process
The production and quarantine control Process.
The stability control process
The storage control process
The lable making control process
The transportation control process
The Sample-keeping control process.
Photograph for ready-shipped cargoes process

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