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Customer service is the provision of sevices to customers before, during and after a purchase.

Its importance varies by products, industry and customer. Customer service plays an important role in today business.Some customers have argued that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent years, and that this can be attributed to a lack of support or understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a corporation and/or a customer service policy.

What's the worton's customer sevices? 

Worton's goal is to not only supply the worldwide customers products with high quality but offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations. what we are doing these years?:
 Information Integration –Worton integrates kinds of information from questionnaires along with business information available in
      enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications,databases, financial spreadsheets, human resource evaluations, and other business
      resources. This information will need to be hosted in a central data warehouse that provides decision makers with the ability to
      perform additional in-depth marketing analysis and problem identification.
 Reporting Capability – Worton is able to generate accurate and detailed reports on many facets of the business enviornment and
      market trends. Once an analysis has been completed, reports must be generated so that the final results can be distributed to the
      business stakeholders. This information is time sensitive. Quick placement of analysis information into the hands of the business
      stakeholders allows for process improvements to begin as rapidly as possible.
 Rapid Actionability –Worton quickly take corrective action and communicate necessary changes to the stakeholders in order to
      maintain high performance for business operation.

What did Worton achieve during these years while provide high-level seivces?

 Increased Performance – International View/Professional operation:Most of the communication that we do is from different places
      worldwide.Most troublesome problem is language and local culture barriers. All qualified staff from worton are from different
      countires with professional operation.
 Reduced Risk and Turnover – Worton is engaged in study domestic policies and market trends, to prevent the big loss on
 Improved Operational Efficiencies – Professional team sevices, worldwide logistics and warehouse stock provide high
      efficent bussiness operation.
 Better Access to high valued customers: –Know customers' needs:  Today, Worton successfully built up the close
      strategic business relationshiopship with the leading producers(most of them are TOP 500 in China or listed company).The
      best-qualified strategic suppliers will continue to meet customers needs today, and well into the future.

How does Worton establish longterm strategic relationship with producers.

Worton has strong, long-term relationships with their most strategic suppliers which improve performance and generate greater cost efficiencies which help the business getting bigger.We deeply understand that the relationship between the supplier and the buyer is one of trust and dependability governed by a common purpose of monetary and commercial gains.
 Worton Group Entities :Worton established a number of production entities through direct investment and equity
      participation which are our well-rounded production base for export. These entities make our company more
      competitive around globe.
 Direct Investment: Worton Group invests directly to Chinese producers to be as shareholders.
 Build up Worton's production base: Worton built up production base in China for series products for sweeteners and vitamins. 
What are value-added sevices which Worton can provide?

 Worton's Auditing:Worton's aduits ensure that the systems are in place and being followed religiously to provide good quality
      to the customers.Some audits are conducted by Worton internal auditors whereas some are performed by external ones.
 Worton's laboratory: Worton share the Laboratory with Guangzhou Food Industry Research Institute to strenthen the quality
 Worton's Logistic: Worton has worldwide Logistic system, which can serve the customers most urgent demands.
 Worton's Warehouse Stock:Worton has Warehouses in Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao,Guangzhou,Hongkong,Singapore,Jakarta,Subic.
 Worton's Internet Sevices: Provide 24H non-stop business sevices.
 Worton's Weekly Biz Report:Provide lastest and update price trends.
 Worton's VIP Internet Sevices: We installed ERP(enterprise resource planning)system to provide VIP sevices.VIP Customers can
     easily log in the system to trace the proccess of business operation, and download the required documents. The system is 24H open
      to customers.
 Worton's Monthly Market & Government Policies Report: Provide and collect lastest and update information from China
      market and government,enable customers to make the right forcast and decision. 


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